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All the best business leaders want to see a room full of energetic, motivated, high performing employees. Yet, with our 24/7 smartphone lifestyle and ‘always available’ culture, it’s unsurprising that the reality is 75% of employees feel exhausted and 37% quit due to stress.

Improving well-being at the individual and company level

At Zenergos, we believe that employees and companies must work together to create these positive changes.

By building on each other’s efforts, employees will be bouncing in for a productive day’s work, with energy to spare for a healthy home life.

Providing tailored advice to every user

Through the Zenergos app, users will answer a short set of questions to assess which of their four areas of well-being is leaving them feeling drained.

From here, they can choose from a selection of simple habits to leave them feeling like their old lively selves and prevent burnout.

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Insights for top level change

All great leaders care about the welfare of their employees…. especially as positive well-being is shown to boost productivity by 31%.

This is why leaders will receive anonymised data of what their employees are struggling with, so you can make tweaks that support users new habits to create a vibrant company culture and boost employee retention.