We’re over the moon to launch Zenergos

29th November 2016

Helping Companies Boost Well-being, Energy and Performance

‘How often do you feel 100% full of energy and on top of your game’? This is a question, that as a Leadership and Performance coach, I ask my clients and the answer that generally comes back is ‘rarely’. The true picture is, that as the week goes on, we get more and more tired until we collapse into the weekend to recover.

As you consider how invigorated or ‘wiped out’ you feel, are you aware of what’s draining your energy and do you have good strategies to recharge?

In our 24/7 culture, where we can work everywhere and anywhere, (and we do) most of us don’t recover the energy that we use through the week and it is our lifestyle habits that are to blame. Meaning that in our busy world, a whopping 75% of us are feeling exhausted.

It is redressing this lack of balance and giving people back their vitality that is our mission at Zenergos. We want to help individuals, teams and companies thrive and have employees bouncing into the office ready to give 100% of their best efforts.

It Started With Individual Coaching

For over 20 years I have worked with some incredible Leaders and Teams and what I have noticed over this past decade, is that it is our top talent that are now in most danger of burning out, something I’ve seen happen too many times.

My mission as a coach has always been to help people re-energise and build resilience for high performance and rather than crash into the weekend to hibernate, to recharge by enjoying quality down-time with the people and doing the things outside of work that really matter.

Everyone’s ability to thrive depends on balancing four key energy areas (Emotional, Physical, Spiritual & Mental). Through our coaching sessions, my clients would identify in which area they were falling short, what specifically was draining their energy and what great new habits would help them rebalance their lives, leaving them feeling on top form.

Create a Thriving Company Culture

The question I had was ‘how could I get this type of coaching out to more people and how could I work with companies to help them create a culture where everyone thrives’?

A fortunate discussion whilst waiting to pick up my children from school was the start of the next stage. I got talking to fellow parent, Alfonso Ferrandez, who just happened to be an amazing technologist, about my objective.

By distilling my coaching techniques down into an App, Al and I, with the help of our team, have created a way to help every employee from the CEO down to the junior developer.

Through the Zenergos app, users will answer a short set of questions to assess which of the four energy areas are lacking, leaving them feeling drained. They will then learn how to readdress this balance, including what great new habits to build and what targeted meditations will help them feel on top of the world.

Also through the Zenergos App, company leaders will understand what their teams are struggling with and what new habits they are choosing. Leaders can then work with our experts to make top level changes to support their employees, making it easy for each person to take care of their well-being and energy.

We are over the moon to be launching Zenergos

After a year and a half in design and countless refinements, we’re excited to say that Zenergos is live and already taking on our initial users.

If you are a company or a Leader, who believes in the importance of well-being and who wants their team to start 2017 with a newfound vitality, then please get in touch.

Author: Emma Turner

Emma works closely with leaders to build successful teams, retain top talent and maximise performance. Founder of Zenergos, an app based company helping people build the energy, resilience and inner calm associated with high performance.