Leads the Way in Wellbeing

7th April 2017

What I’ve noticed in my work more and more over the past 10 years, is that really exceptional high achievers are struggling with lack of energy and overall wellbeing, something that has caught the eye of a few forward thinking companies.

I’ve just returned from delivering a talk about how we at Zenergos see the future of wellbeing to 650 EMEA leaders in Barcelona. I have to say, I’ve come back feeling super excited.

Emma Turner of Zenergos speaking at the Salesforce 2017 EMEA summit in BarcelonaThanks to the vision of their leader Marc Benioff, not only have they led the way in having philanthropy at their core, something that so many companies are now emulating (Zenergos included), but they also have employee wellbeing front and centre of their agenda.

Life has fundamentally changed

They clearly understand that because fundamentally life has changed, companies need to embrace a new way of thinking, if they are to build a thriving workforce and have teams of people who are energised and feeling on top form.

When I started work 25 plus years ago, life was quite different to how it is now. We would work hard in the day, knowing that we could recover our energy as soon as the working day was finished. However thanks to our smart phone technology and 24/7 way of operating that world no longer exists.

We need to catch up with how the world operates today

What I see is that typically companies are stuck in the past in their thinking and clinging on to this outdated way of working and living where we could literally split the two and where our weekends, evening and holidays were times of rest and recovery. However the reality today is that we are all trying to fit our wellness into our diminishing down time and it’s simply not working and never will. share my view that we need to catch up with how the world operates today and stop waiting until we get home from work before we start taking care of our wellbeing, but rather weave it in to every day, through the day. They are also passionate that as leaders, it is their responsibility to look after the wellbeing of their people and make sure that they support their team’s efforts to do the same.

Well-being improves with simple lifestyle habits

The sorts of things I’m talking about here are not complicated. They are simple lifestyle habits aimed at recharging and re-energising. For example not booking so many meetings into the day that we forget to have lunch, but instead taking regular breaks from the desk; booking in gym visits or a brisk walk into the working day, rather than waiting for the evening and finding we are too tired to go, therefore allowing a tired brain to recharge; even having breakfast with the family and receiving the energy that we get from spending time with the people who are important to us… the list of new energising habits to build is endless.

The leaders all had access to our Zenergos App, so that they could see for themselves what habits were draining their energy and also what new habits they could commit to building that would see their energy soar. We talked about the importance of having strength and balance across all 4 aspects of their wellbeing. We also talked about what they could do to help and support their teams.

The reason that I’m excited is because today, thanks to the progressive attitude of, I feel that we can collectively tackle the problem that so many of our top talent are facing and that is lack of energy, the number one performance killer.

Author: Emma Turner

Emma works closely with leaders to build successful teams, retain top talent and maximise performance. Founder of Zenergos, an app based company helping people build the energy, resilience and inner calm associated with high performance.