About Zenergos

Zenergos is the brainchild of Emma Turner and Alfonso Ferrandez.

It started with individual coaching

As an executive and performance coach, Emma has spent over 20 years helping her clients realise their potential, achieve their goals and live a more fulfilling life.

In this past decade, Emma noticed the business leaders she coached were becoming increasingly exhausted by their jobs and lifestyles. They were unable to truly switch off and recover the energy they used in the day, due to advances in technology tying them to their work 24/7. This fatigue not only impacted their performance, it also hurt their home life.

Through coaching, leaders developed a robust way to stay recharged, as well as support their employees who were experiencing the same level of exhaustion. She also worked with her clients to create the cultural changes needed to foster a more energised and productive workforce.

Although this allowed her to create improvements for whole teams at a time, there just wasn’t enough hours in the day to help the huge number of businesses facing the same challenges.

How to have a wider impact

A fortunate discussion with an amazing technologist Alfonso was the start of the next stage. Emma wanted to bring her coaching to as many people as possible and Alfonso’s digital design and development skills could bring this idea to life.

Whilst waiting outside school to pick up their children, the start of a plan was born.

To recreate the personal coaching experience, Emma and Alfonso worked together to distill her approach into a repeatable process and turn it into an app. This included defining Emma’s 14 key questions, how they relate to areas of wellbeing and the steps to then form positive habits.

Emma gradually expanded the team as the project took shape. Slowly turning from an idea to a fully fledged business, the Zenergos brainchild was finally born.

To be among the first to take full advantage of the app and create a thriving culture that attracts top talent, get in touch to discuss the options with the Zenergos team.


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