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9th April 2020

One of the most important things to me personally, has always been to help people be the best version of themselves and follow their dreams. I love nothing more than seeing people realise how incredible they are. But that means they need to be uber confident, totally gritty and resilient and not slave to their inner critic. It of course also means they need to have a steadfast focus, a solid plan and incredibly positive lifestyle habits.

Six Steps to a Good Nights Sleep

12th December 2018

Here are 6 great habits to get into, including some bad ones to break, to ensure you wake up fully energised and refreshed from a good night’s sleep.

1. Make your bedroom a Technology Free Zone

One of the worst habits that many of us have is checking our phones and other devices, just before we go to sleep. In fact, on a course that I recently ran, one lady even admitted to checking for emails in the middle of the night!

Top Tips for a Great Work Life Balance

3rd September 2018

Typically, people are expending energy working longer but not recovering energy with adequate downtime. The truth is the secret to increased productivity is taking some time off and holidays have been proven to lead to significantly higher performance upon return to the job.

Here’s the thing; just because we can work all the time, doesn’t mean we should. This is incredibly ineffective and unproductive in the long term.

Get in the habit of feeling energised

24th May 2018

Do you feel full of zest and raring to go? Do you start your week well, but as the week goes on, so your energy goes down? Or are you just plain exhausted, wondering if it’s your age, your kids or even the weather?

Most of us use our weekend to recover from the week we have had. But wouldn’t it be nice if you felt full of va va voom every day of the week, including your weekends?

The point is you can, you just need to understand what is draining your energy and fix it. For this you need look no further than your lifestyle habits.

I’ve always taken a holistic approach in my coaching and a view that we need our mind, emotions, body and spirit to be strong and balanced if we are to feel full of energy. Zenergos is certainly built upon that philosophy.

Take control of your well-being in 2017

1st January 2017

The New Year is a time when many of us put our habits under a microscope and consider what we should do differently to be happier, healthier and feeling on top form.

At Zenergos we are all about building good habits for an energised life and I’d like to share with you some top tips to stay on track.

But first, why do these New Year’s Resolutions or healthier habits that we commit to doing, generally fall by the way side within weeks of being set. Understanding this is fundamental to succeeding this time round.

Much of the answer lies in the fact that to create a new habit needs a high level of willpower and this comes from the most easily exhaustible part of our brain – just underneath our forehead – the Pre Frontal Cortex (PFC), or our brains’ brain.