Let’s talk about our Mental Health

8th October 2019

This week is Mental Health Awareness week, a topic that lies at the heart of Zenergos as we aim to boost energy, well-being and productivity levels, and help the people and companies we work with to thrive. There has been an increase in workplace stress, particularly with our move towards an ‘always on’ culture. This impacts personal well-being which has a negative effect on the level of high performance being attained and maintained in the workplace, with our top talent often ending up burnt out.

At Zenergos, we believe we are making steps to address these issues as we offer strategies to improve the energy and wellbeing across teams.

Be smart with your mental energy

27th October 2017

By being very deliberate about what you do and importantly when you do it, you will naturally achieve more through your week as you tap into this mental energy.

This realisation made me rethink how I prioritise and organise my week and, give or take the odd exception, I ruthlessly plan my day around my natural energy cycles and I would urge you to do the same.

The Mental Focus of High Performance

13th August 2017

Do you feel that you have the mental focus skills to stay energised and on track throughout your entire week, and the next week and so on? Or do you find that your focus waxes and wanes, maybe succumbing to the countless distractions, such as a ping from a new e-mail, a phone ringing or a request from a colleague etc?

The key to success is how well and how consistently you plan and prioritise your time. Those focused days rarely happen by chance. They happen because you have planned it that way, you knew what you had to do and you didn’t allow yourself to become distracted. It’s the difference between being proactive and not reactive.

Without a clear plan you are at the mercy of simply reacting to what you feel like doing and what situations pop up through the day. Read our tips on how to tap into a steady flow of mental energy.