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9th April 2020

One of the most important things to me personally, has always been to help people be the best version of themselves and follow their dreams. I love nothing more than seeing people realise how incredible they are. But that means they need to be uber confident, totally gritty and resilient and not slave to their inner critic. It of course also means they need to have a steadfast focus, a solid plan and incredibly positive lifestyle habits.

Six Steps to a Good Nights Sleep

12th December 2018

Here are 6 great habits to get into, including some bad ones to break, to ensure you wake up fully energised and refreshed from a good night’s sleep.

1. Make your bedroom a Technology Free Zone

One of the worst habits that many of us have is checking our phones and other devices, just before we go to sleep. In fact, on a course that I recently ran, one lady even admitted to checking for emails in the middle of the night!

Stay on top of your game with a good night’s sleep

5th October 2018

Lack of energy is the most common health complaint amongst adults and lack of sleep may be to blame.

The Royal Society for Public Health reports that although adults need on average 7.7 hours per night, most of us sleep for 6.8 hours, which is almost one full night’s sleep lost every single week. This Cumulative Sleep Debt impairs all aspects of our performance by up to 50%, including memory, creativity, decision making, reaction time and judgment.

Make exercise a part of your job

29th March 2018

We often treat exercise and fitness like a vanity, something we do to shed a few pounds and look good in our clothes. But exercise is so much more valuable than that. Actually when you look at consistent high performers they have an unwavering stamina, and this they get from having good physical habits, particularly exercise.

However what most of us will say is that by the time we get home from work we simply don’t have enough time nor energy to exercise.

Here at Zenergos we would love you to make 2017 the year where you no longer de-prioritise your own well-being for the sake of work. The reality is, you will be far more effective and present in both your home and work life if you get into the physical habit of fitness and plan it into your diary.