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9th April 2020

One of the most important things to me personally, has always been to help people be the best version of themselves and follow their dreams. I love nothing more than seeing people realise how incredible they are. But that means they need to be uber confident, totally gritty and resilient and not slave to their inner critic. It of course also means they need to have a steadfast focus, a solid plan and incredibly positive lifestyle habits.

Find your true north – what really drives you?

5th July 2019

So what really drives you? This blog will help you to determine your Core Values, so that you can tap into more of this purpose filled energy.

The overall aim is not only to help you identify your Core Values or True North, but also to look at whether your values are currently being met and what actions you can take to live more of a values led, energising life.

Teams and organisations with a clearly defined set of values are able to recruit, retain and engage people with similar values to the team. This makes for a highly successful, highly energised group of people.

There’s no purpose without Purpose

29th April 2019

Research shows that having a sense of purpose is really good for our health! It reduces stress and depression, improves short term memory and mental speed, helps us sleep better, cope better with life’s hic-ups and helps us age more successfully. It also importantly reduces our chances of having heart disease, stokes, developing Alzheimer’s or dying prematurely.

Many of us spend too much time trying to find that one true purpose in life. However Stretcher in his book Life on Purpose, recommends setting a different purpose for each off the four domains of our lives: family, personal, work and community, again creating a balance, something that we feel very strongly about at Zenergos.

The secret to productivity? Enjoy some time off this Summer!

9th July 2018

In a recent leadership conference, we asked how many people worked over their holidays and I would say 90% of leaders put their hands up. This was met by a gasp (and a few giggles) from the room, as the true scale of how ridiculous that was hit home.

Before technology and our “always available” culture, we would prepare for our holiday, for example we would ‘hand over’ to a trusted colleague any critical work and we would leave a voicemail that informs customers of who to speak to, in our absence.

How many of you still do this? From my experience, not enough of you.