Get in the habit of feeling energised

24th May 2018

On a scale of 1 to 10 how energised do you feel through the week?

Do you feel full of zest and raring to go? Do you start your week well, but as the week goes on, so your energy goes down? Or are you just plain exhausted, wondering if it’s your age, your kids or even the weather?

Most of us use our weekend to recover from the week we have had. But wouldn’t it be nice if you felt full of va va voom every day of the week, including your weekends?

The point is you can, you just need to understand what is draining your energy and fix it. For this you need look no further than your lifestyle habits.

I’ve always taken a holistic approach in my coaching and a view that we need our mind, emotions, body and spirit to be strong and balanced if we are to feel full of energy. Zenergos is certainly built upon that philosophy.

The four areas of energy and resilience

Through our lives, we have built up habits in each of the four energy areas, some good, but some that are literally energy drains.

Physical Resilience

A lack of fitness, poor sleep habits, or an inadequate work-life balance will leave you sleepwalking into the office.

Emotional Resilience

An inability to manage your emotions, particularly under pressure, and a drop in self confidence, can weigh you down with unnecessary stress.

Mental Focus

A lack of planning or poor prioritisation will drain your energy reserves and play havoc with your focus.

Spirital Resilience

If you don’t love what you’re doing or feel connected to a purpose, then you won’t have that bedrock of internal energy to support you.


Swapping bad habits for good habits

Let’s have a look at how you can see your energy soar, by replacing some of these bad habits with good ones.

Bad, energy draining habits

Good, energy building habits

Do you check your emails just before you go to bed? (This stimulates your mind and messes up your sleep.)   Buy yourself an old fashioned alarm clock and make your bedroom a technology free zone.
Do you make the excuse that you are just too busy to exercise, but that you will start on Monday? Plan regular exercise into your diary and treat it like a meeting with your most important client.
Do you worry over the weekend about all the things you need to do for work the following week? On Friday, before you get home, write a to-do list of what you will do the following week.
Do you try and do everything yourself rather than delegate or say no? Consider your top 3 priorities and delegate or decline the rest.

It’s very easy to get into bad habits, because we don’t spend enough time putting our habits under a microscope. When was the last time you really reflected on your energy and wellbeing?


The world won’t wait for you to re-energise

The truth is the world is not going to stop and wait for us to re-energise, this is something now in our 24/7 world, we need to be super disciplined at. If we are leaders, we also need to support our teams in their efforts to build energising new habits if we want our teams to fly.

Every day at Zenergos we have people committed to building a more energised life for themselves and their teams. If you would like to know more about what Zenergos can do for you and your team to have you feeling full of energy and on top form, please talk to us.

Author: Emma Turner

Emma works closely with leaders to build successful teams, retain top talent and maximise performance. Founder of Zenergos, an app based company helping people build the energy, resilience and inner calm associated with high performance.