Let’s talk about our Mental Health

8th October 2019

This week is Mental Health Awareness week, a topic that lies at the heart of Zenergos as we aim to boost energy, well-being and productivity levels, and help the people and companies we work with to thrive. There has been an increase in workplace stress, particularly with our move towards an ‘always on’ culture. This impacts personal well-being which has a negative effect on the level of high performance being attained and maintained in the workplace, with our top talent often ending up burnt out.

Incredibly, one in four UK adults suffer from a mental health issue with 68% of these issues stemming from the workplace. Sadly only 10% of these people will come forward and admit they are struggling to cope, which means millions of people are suffering in silence. In addition, 75% of us regularly feel exhausted. These figures are frightening and simply can’t be ignored if we wish to embrace the well-being and consequently the productivity of our workforces. Mental Health Awareness week is an ideal time to recognise these issues and have meaningful conversations.

At Zenergos, we believe we are making steps to address these issues as we offer strategies to improve the energy and wellbeing across teams. Our aim is to help employees to thrive in the workplace and provide support to business leaders to arm them with key well-being/performance data. In addition, we offer strategies for the improvement of each team’s energy, well-being and productivity.

The 3 in 1 resolution

At Zenergos we have developed a 3 in 1 resolution, comprising of an App, dashboard and Thrive work book.

  1. Our Mobile app allows employees to thrive, by recording their well-being and energy levels in 4 key areas (Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual) and to guide them to form positive changes to their routines and behaviours.
  2. Our Business Leader’s dashboard allows managers to track their team’s performance in the 4 key energy areas, analyse the data and implement tips and strategies to create a positive impact on well-being and energy and productivity.
  3. Our Thrive work-book, completed by each employee, can be used in career conversations and PDPs, allowing employees and Leaders to work together to ensure lasting benefits and a thriving team.

Managers and employees must make resolutions with each other and themselves to form new routines and habits that target some or all of the 4 key areas of low energy as identified by the App (Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual).  In turn, this will increase energy, well-being and productivity levels.

At Zenergos we believe it’s about taking a holistic view to wellbeing, we also believe it’s about having an energising life, rather than one that bleeds you dry.   Everyone’s ability to thrive depends on 4 key areas. I have written numerous blogs about these areas, along with my top tips to thrive in each of them:

Physical Resilience
A lack of fitness, poor sleep habits, or an inadequate work-life balance will leave you sleepwalking into the office. My six steps to a good night’s sleep can be found here: https://www.zenergos.com/blog/six-steps-good-nights-sleep/. Discover how you can make exercise a part of your job here: https://www.zenergos.com/blog/six-steps-good-nights-sleep/
Emotional Resilience
An inability to manage your emotions, particularly under pressure, and a drop in self confidence, can weigh you down with unnecessary stress. My top strategies to help the leader under pressure can be found here: https://www.zenergos.com/blog/top-strategies-to-help-leaders/
Mental Focus

A lack of planning or poor prioritisation will drain your energy reserves and play havoc with your focus. Discover how you can be smarter with your mental energy here: https://www.zenergos.com/blog/smart-mental-energy/

Spiritual Resilience
If you don’t love what you’re doing or feel connected to a purpose, then you won’t have that bedrock of internal energy to support you. Find out the secret of productivity here (https://www.zenergos.com/blog/category/blog/spiritual/) and learn how to enjoy spending time doing what you love. You can also learn how to get into the habit of feeling energized here: https://www.zenergos.com/blog/get-in-the-habit-of-feeling-energised/

If you’d like to find out how Zenergos can energise your team, we’d love to have a conversation with you. Let’s spread the word this Mental Health Awareness Week.